How to send Non Delivery Reports to your users without attachments

The problem Most companies limit the maximum size of outgoing mails to the internet. In case of an existing size limit for outgoing mails, Lotus Notes will send Non Delivery Reports back to the users containing the original attachments. This is a good behaviour, because users can easily use the “resend” functionality to change the... Weiterlesen →

Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 Fix Pack 3 available (

Download: Version is a maintenance release and does not include any functionality delivered by Upgrade Pack 1. <Update 1> A detailed fixlist is now available: Lotus Notes Traveler includes all APAR fixes up to and including IF1 in addition to the APARs listed here. </Update 1> <Update 2> Lotus Traveler does... Weiterlesen →

Disable new mail notify for mails delivered to junk or other folders

It is unfortunatelly not possible to disable the new mail notfiy when mails are moved to junkmail or other folders. They still raise a new mail notification even if they are not in your inbox. Vote for this idea on IdeaJam to show IBM that we want this feature:

How to re-create recent contacts after a corruption

In addition to my former post: "Recent Contacts Tuning" I found a technote explaining how to re-create the recent contacts, for example after a corruption, without deleting all of them. Question Is there a way to reset the contents of the Recent Contacts view if, for example, corruption is suspected? Answer The steps provided... Weiterlesen →

Limit the total size of a sent mail including the number of recipients

Even if you limit the maximum message size in the router restrictions tab of the configuration document for example to 10 MB, users can still send a mail with 9.5 MB to 10.000 Users! To limit also the total size including all recipients, computed like [message size] * [number of recipients], you can additionally use... Weiterlesen →

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