Performance tuning of large databases

Do you have very large notes databases on your server and experiencing performance issues?

Would you be glad to get a secret notes.ini parameter like performance=on?

Ok, it is not soooo easy, but below you find some quick tipps to tune your domino server a little bit.

1. notes.ini (server)


Yes I know, you can get this list also with the Domino Configuration Tuner.
But, how many people know what DCT is?

2. database properties (for very large databases)

It should look like this (or quite similar):

If you have performance issues and none or only some of these settings are active in your environment, you should try to activate them and check if this brings some improvements.

Check your statistics!
For example:
update.pendinglist.max and update.deferredlist.max should be as low as possible

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