I like this argument: “We’d only be trying to make SharePoint do what we can already do with the Notes platform.”

I currently don't read many of those news, that's why I (and many others) think it is worth blogging this itnews.com article. Bureau of Statistics retains Notes in IT transformation Commits to IBM's collaboration platform.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has committed itself to its legacy IBM Lotus platform as it pushes forward with... Weiterlesen →

Reset workspace configuration data with „notes.exe -rparams -resetconfig“

Not a new one, but today it was useful fixing a customer issue with opening URLs in external browser. I didn't knew this parameter, learned it from a teammate... Problem: In the Notes client preferences, "use operating system browser" was selected, but users couldn't open any URL. Embedded URLs and even bookmarks did not open the... Weiterlesen →

2-in-1: ACL & Cluster Tool for free!

Over many years and through many customer projects I created a lot of code and tools. Most of them only for particular projects. But some time ago, I could make at least two of them easy to use for all administrators without any development background. I want to contribute these tools to the Lotus Notes... Weiterlesen →

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