iNotes not working as expected with Firefox 15 and later

Some features using signed scripts no longer work, which results in the following problems: - send and save button not working - urls not converted into hotpots - attachements cannot be added to mail messages Starting with Domino 8.5.3 you can prevent such errors by disabling signed scripts using this notes.ini parameter: iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript=0 The functions... Weiterlesen →

November 13th: IBM Notes/Domino Social Edition Preview and Announcement

You can register for the special webcast here Update: See the comment below, maybe you should wait until tomorrow before registering for the webcast

IBM Lotus Notes ID Vault Database Scanner

Do you want to know if all of your id files have been collected and stored in the id vault? And more important: If not, which are missing? Then try this new IBM tool: IBM Lotus Notes ID Vault Database Scanner

OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion support for Lotus Notes 8.5.3

IBM now offers support for OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion. There are two possibilities for already installed clients: - Interim Fix 1 for 8.5.3 Fixpack 2 - 8.5.3 Fixpack 3 For new installations, use the new installer: - Notes 8.5.3 Slipstream (Part No: CIBF8EN) Follow this link for more information and download: Supportability Q&A about Lotus... Weiterlesen →

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