IBM Notes/Domino 9 Social Edition is coming

Public beta will be available on 14th of December, register now!

My favorite features are embedded experience, activity stream, browser plugin and the nice one ui theme.
Most of the features will be also available for iNotes. You can take a look at it already on greenhouse, looks good and the embedded experience with connections works great.

Hopefully we will see some more „out of the box“ embedded experience examples shipping with the beta or the final release in Q1/2013.

It is also interesting how much effort it will be to implement all those new cool features in a productive environment. Exhausting weeks and month are coming, taking a first look in december to the public beta and then go more in details and real live implementations after IBM Connect / Lotusphere 2013 end of january.

More details on Ed Brill’s blog.

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  1. GreenHouse version looks like old iNotes with new theme plus embedded experience (that we already had in Connections mail). Don’t believe we waited for so long, the release is even delayed, to get *THIS*. If I would be IBM, I won’t even let people see this version on GreenHouse.

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