My favorite IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 features

Only a short wrap-up with the best Notes/Domino features, there is so much more interesting stuff to talk about… Notes/Domino, Connections, IBM Docs, Sametime, etc.


Now you can finally get rid of all your Notes id and http passwords. You can completely use for example Active Directory for Notes Client and iNotes (http) logon.
This is not a password sync and no SSO, users authenticate against AD and Domino allows access to the ID-File in the ID-Vault without further passwords (Notes Client and iNotes).
The ID will be kept in memory, nothing goes to the disk. Combined with SPNEGO, users only have to logon to windows and that’s all, no other password is needed.

For the Notes Client, this is working on Linux, Mac, Windows and Citrix.
But it works only with the Standard client, not in Basic client and unfortunately not in the Browser Plugin (this will be hopefully changed in future releases…).

2) iNotes

Greatly improved UI, much more functionality, a real IBM Mail Client (the Notes Client is much more than just Mail and Calendar!). All new cool features like widgets, opensocial and embedded experience work also in iNotes.

Smart integration of Connections and IBM Docs for attachment sharing (Connections) and you can even view office documents directly in the browser (IBM Docs).

3) Browser Plugin

It is a really small packed basic client running in browser (currently only IE and Firefox on Windows). Intended as an add-on to iNotes. You can use the new iNotes for Mail and Calendar and this new plugin to access non-XPage Notes applications. Working with iNotes and browser plugin in different tabs of the browser feels like a full client.

It works greatly together with iNotes, you can open document or database links from iNotes in the browser plugin and vise versa you can for example still use the forward smarticon and it will use iNotes for the new mail. On first startup all of your Notes bookmarks will be migrated to browser bookmarks.

4) OpenSocial

Provides an easy way to create widgets, gadgets and embedded experiences once and deploy and use them in several systems (for example Notes Client, iNotes, Connections). Now you can also create such widgets using XPages. The IBM Connections activity stream and embedded experience widgets used in the Connections interface can be deployed to the Notes Client and iNotes to provide deeper integration of Connections content. Users don’t have to open links and logon to Connections if they receive a notification, they can reply and take other actions directly in the received mails and don’t have to leave the Notes client or iNotes.

5) Database Maintenance Tool

I already posted about this, read more here.

That’s only a short summary from IBM Connect/Lotusphere, the list of cool new stuff is quite long and I will post in detail about some more features when I’m back home.

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