Creating a Notes 9 silent installation package including the new browser plug-in

The new browser plug-in is a great feature. You can choose to deploy only the browser plug-in or you can install it as an additional option with the standard client.

For some users, the browser plug-in together with the awesome new iNotes may be a good option to a standard client deployment and they won’t need a client anymore. This option is very interesting for citrix environments…

But also when you decide to deploy the standard client, you can install the browser plug-in as an additional option. This is a good chance to let the users decide how they can work more efficient and smarter. They can use the standard client or if they prefer to use only the browser, they can work with iNotes and the browser plug-in when they have to access some notes databases.

The browser plug-in won’t be installed by default, so you have to use a msi parameter to install it in silent mode. You can use these parameters to create a silent installer and enable the browser plug-in installation:

notes-client-kit.exe -s -a /s /v"ADDFEATURES=NotesPlugin /qb+"

There are many more options for customizing the installer, but the „NotesPlugin“ parameter is new in Notes 9. To enable also the IBM Connections components, OpenSocial, multi-user installation and change the default program directory use this parameters:

notes-client-kit.exe -s -a /s /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 ADDFEATURES=NotesPlugin,OpenSocial,Activities
 PROGDIR=C:\IBM\Notes /qb+"

To complete the browser plug-in experience, you have to set two notes.ini parameters:

INOTES_SERVER_PATH=<your inotes url>

These parameters will show the icons in the browser plug-in to open iNotes and in iNotes another one to open the plug-in. When you try to open your mailfile using the browser plug-in, the iNotes URL will be launched automatically instead.

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