New features of IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 and Traveler 9.0.1

The new release is now available for download.

The detailed release notes are not yet completely available, but hopefully soon.

Some of the new features from the “What’s new documents”…

Notes 9.0.1

Search Directory For results are now displayed in alphabetical order

Add, remove, or modify online meeting information in an existing calendar entry

XULRunner upgraded to version 10.0.6

Notes Browser Plugin 9.0.1

Some new notes.ini parameters are available.

Details can be found here.

Domino 9.0.1

New ODS Version 52

Bug fixes for large encrypted databases, no new features known so far.
CREATE_R9_DATABASES=1 to allow compact -c to upgrade the ODS

Server configuration settings for Social Edition are expanded

You can now enable or disable the use of locked domains and of SSL for OAuth redirect URLs.
For more information, see the related topic on the configuration settings document for servers that run Shindig.

Security – new features

Federated login password improvement

You can now use a security policy to prevent use of client passwords in the ID vault when federated login is configured.
For more information, see the related topic on the security settings policy federated login configuration.

Web SSO configuration now has custom cookie fields

The new fields LtpaToken2 Custom cookie name and LtpaToken Custom cookie name in the Web SSO Configuration document allow you to specify cookie names useful to your organization, for example, a name compatible with WebSphere®.
For more information, see the related topic on creating a Web SSO configuration document.

Ability to prevent loading of Java code on client

For more information, see the technote Ability to leverage ECL mechanism to control what Java code gets loaded in the context of Notes documents in the related topics.

Widgets and Embedded Experiences – new features

The OpenSocial component can now run on clustered Domino servers

In general, you can configure the OpenSocial component to run in a cluster by specifying the host name of the load balancer or reverse-proxy (ip sprayer) network device rather than the host name of a single Domino server running Shindig.

For more information, see the procedures under the related topic on setting up the Domino server to run the OpenSocial component and Shindig.

OpenSocial widgets now have approval history and expanded status information

The Widget document in the catalog has a new Approval History section showing when each status change occurs, who makes it, and the action that causes it. The Approval History section is visible to users listed in the ACL of the Widget Catalog application with the [Admins] role

The following actions cause a status change:

An administrator approves a widget.

An administrator removes approval for a widget.

Either an administrator or a widget author updates an approved widget, thus removing approval from the widget.

For more information, see the related topics on widget approval.

The widget catalog has a new column showing the approved state of each widget. The Approved State column appears in the All Widgets, By Author, By Category and By Type views. There are several states for a widget:

Needs Review : the widget has not been reviewed by an administrator.

No Approval Needed : the widget has been reviewed and does not require further approval.

Needs Approval : the widget has been reviewed and requires further approval.

Approved : the widget has been approved by an administrator.

In the XPages user interface of the widget catalog, a green checkmark icon shows widgets that are approved, and widgets that have been reviewed and do not need further approval. No icon displays for widgets that are not approved or have not been reviewed.

In addition, widget users now can see approval state in the client sidebar. For more information, see the topic What are the My Widgets sidebar panel toolbar options? in IBM Notes® 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.

Link to classic user interface for administering widgets

In the Notes client, if you are in the XPages user interface and need to administer widget approval, you can use a new Administration link at the end of the widget view list to open the classic user interface.

The OpenSocial component no longer requires client NOTES.INI setting ENABLE_EE

If you upgrade all Notes clients in your organization to 9.0.1, the NOTES.INI setting ENABLE_EE=1 used in 9.0 is not required. If, however, you still have some clients running 9.0, continue to use a desktop settings policy to set ENABLE_EE=1 for all affected clients. Also, if you need to disable Embedded Experiences, you can set ENABLE_EE=0 in the policy. For more information, see the related topic on creating policies for the OpenSocial component.

Traveler 9.0.1

Adaptive Initial Sync

Adaptive Initial Sync (AIS) is a new feature in IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 that helps ensure server availability in certain situations, such as bringing a server online or recovery scenarios.

MobileIron support for Android devices

Organizations using MobileIron to manage their mobile applications will now be able to take advantage of MobileIron application management capabilities with the IBM Notes Traveler client for Android, including the ability to provision application configuration settings, manage access through MobileIron Sentry, and enforce MobileIron application specific security polices. For more information, refer to this articleexternal link.

MobileIron support for Companion and ToDo applications on Apple iOS devices

Organizations using MobileIron to manage their mobile applications will now be able to take advantage of MobileIron application management capabilities with the IBM Notes Traveler Companion and ToDo apps for Apple iOS devices. For more information, refer to this articleexternal link.

Return receipts for Android devices

On IBM Notes Traveler for Android device, you can now elect to receive return receipts when your mail has been opened

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