Working on my hobby project, my first iOS app „Team Calendar for Notes“

In the past years (almost 15 years...oh, my goodness), I've always developed in parallel to my infrastructure projects some system or migration tools based on LotusScript. But no real application development and not object oriented at all. End of last year I felt a little bit tired with my job and all the "boring" Notes/Domino... Weiterlesen →

IBM Connect 2014: Mail Next and Social Collaboration Demo

Update: Unfortunately, IBM has removed this video. At the moment, I can find only a connections demo without the cool Mail Next stuff on youtube...

Rebranding insights from Kramer Reeves

Some clarifications about the new product names: I like short product names like "IBM Notes" or "IBM Docs", but IBM obviously not... IBM Connections (including files, profiles, activities, wikis, forums, etc) IBM Connections Docs IBM Connections Chat IBM Connections Meetings IBM Connections Mail (including mail, calendar, contacts, etc) IBM Connections Content Manager IBM Notes /... Weiterlesen →

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