Rebranding insights from Kramer Reeves

Some clarifications about the new product names:

I like short product names like „IBM Notes“ or „IBM Docs“, but IBM obviously not…

  • IBM Connections (including files, profiles, activities, wikis, forums, etc)
  • IBM Connections Docs
  • IBM Connections Chat
  • IBM Connections Meetings
  • IBM Connections Mail (including mail, calendar, contacts, etc)
  • IBM Connections Content Manager

IBM Notes / Domino will not be rebranded (at the moment), but with Mail Next we will definitely get new names… IBM Connections Notes? IBM Connections Domino? Hopefully not!

Another interesting fact is that the IBM Mail Next component will be offered as a stand alone „Client“ for Domino without IBM Connections.
But I’m quite sure this is just a licensing model and a full connections installation (and more) will be necessary.

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