IBM Verse (formerly known as IBM Mail Next) looks gorgeous, get ready for the new way to work

The design team did a really great job, IBM Verse looks very nice!

And even the mobile app delivers nearly the same experience as the desktop solution!


It is more than „just e-mail“, it is really a new way to work and simultaneously this is also the biggest challenge.

In the last years, IBM tried to convince companies to start their social transformation using IBM Connections, but without integrating it into the central workplace of most users it failed in many cases without the right strategy behind it. Now with IBM Verse, it is integrated into the e-mail client and all users will start using it intuitive and automatically without the need of telling them to „use this new cool social business platform“.

At the moment, nothing is clear and nothing is officially announced. It will be cloud first, but also an on premise solution will be available in 2015. I’m sure we will get more updates during the next weeks and in January at the IBM ConnectED event in Orlando. I’m really looking forward to get my hands on this product and especially to try the mobile apps…

So stay tuned for more details in my further posts about IBM Verse.


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