Moving to the cloud, as easy as getting a cup of coffee…

Today, I used the new OnBoarding Manager the first time to move some users to the cloud and I’m really impressed and disappointed. Why do not all IBM products look like this and work like this? Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use.

Just create one or multiple groups and add some users from the Domino directory or import them from a csv file.


Create a configuration and select options like the time range you want to migrate or the subscription for the users. Those configurations can be easily re-used for later migrations.


Start the file transfer and observe the progress or schedule it for an automated migration.


The mailfile will be transfered to the cloud and the user will be activated. All changes to the person document will be replicated back to your Domino directory and mails will be routed to the cloud from this moment.

Now just open your browser and start using IBM Verse! You can also keep using your Notes client, just change the mailserver or use the provided tool to change all configurations automatically.

I’m really impressed of this tool, but also disappointed that other IBM products are far away from that user experience and convenience!

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3 Responses to Moving to the cloud, as easy as getting a cup of coffee…

  1. Tinus Riyanto says:

    Hi Stephan

    As far as I can tell, this tools require a Windows machine with enough disk space (1.5 time the size of nsf you wanted to transfer in 1 group) and a connection to your domino server as well as to your SmartCloud environment. Am I missing anything ?

    Too bad if it only run on Windows right now.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head! The mail onboarding manager is a beautiful and great admin experience.

    “The provided tool to change all configurations automatically”, however, is anything but a great experience as it involves way too much complexity (and lacks beauty by all means) for at least technically non-savvy end users – the end result being a low success rate.

    With FuM being a panagenda partner your colleagues know how how we can help with 100% seamless and successful onboarding on the client side with panagenda MarvelClient.

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