Bye, bye Lotus Notes

Yes, it’s true. I’m not longer a Lotus Notes mail user.

I’m still using the Notes client for development, but a few days ago I’ve been migrated to this other mail system. To be honest, I’ve not used my Notes Client for Mail & Calendar since I’ve got migrated to the cloud and IBM Verse. I loved to use IBM Verse, it is much better than the old Notes client! Unfortunately, now I can’t use IBM Verse any longer. I will honestly miss it… But the good news is that I can now use the native mail & calendar client on my Mac so I don’t have to use this „other“ mail client.

My 9 GB Notes mailfile has been converted into a 20 GB local file storage on my Mac. I don’t know how much it is on the server side, but I think not as much as that… The nice thing is that the Mac search engine is nearly as good as the IBM Verse search. That was the biggest advantage of IBM Verse (for me) compared to the Notes client.

At the moment, I’m still spending most of my daily work time developing for Notes, but maybe in the future this will also change, we will see…

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