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My name is Stephan Kopp, I’m working for Axians IT Solutions GmbH.

This is my personal blog, all posts and opinions are my own.

See also my XING and LinkedIn profiles or follow me on twitter.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.
I also appreciate any comments about my posts, even criticism!

You can also contact me by mail: stephan@stephankopp.de

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  1. Hello Mr. Kopp,

    I have an issue related to the REST API. I am using it to display notes data in UI5. The display part is not an issue, but when I try to hadle attachments via REST API especially sending them back to IBM Notes from UI5, It’s not working and it is a major showstopper for me. Can you please help?

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry forgot to mention the article which you have written which i am referring:

    2. I don’t have a ready-to-go solution for that, this is not really a specific Lotus Notes, more a general question how to deal with files and RESTful Webservices.
      One solution might be to send your file base64 encoded and on Lotus Notes side, you can use java to convert it back to a file and attach it to a document, richtext item or whatever you want.
      Sending a file to RESTfull Webservices: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3938569/how-do-i-upload-a-file-with-metadata-using-a-rest-web-service
      Base64 encoding and decoding files: http://blog.icodejava.com/248/how-to-base64-encode-or-base64-decode-a-file-in-java-using-apache-commons-codec/

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