re-create recent contacts after a corruption

In addition to my former post: „Recent Contacts Tuning“

I found a technote explaining how to re-create the recent contacts, for example after a corruption, without deleting all of them.


Is there a way to reset the contents of the Recent Contacts view if, for example, corruption is suspected?


The steps provided below can be used to reset the contents of the Recent Contacts view:

  1. Confirm that the „Do not automatically add names to the Recent Contacts view“ preference is not enabled in the „Contacts“ tab of the Preferences dialog.
  2. Shut down the Notes client.
  3. Make a backup copy of the current names.nsf to a directory outside of the user’s Lotus Notes data directory (which is located C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Note\Data by default).
  4. Delete the files in the <Notes Data Directory>\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\directory with the client shut down (where <Notes Data Directory> is the path to your Notes data directory)
    • This directory will typically contain files similar to these (although each user’s list will vary):
      • dipTable.ser
      • dipTable.ser1186420108375
  5. Restart the Notes client..
  6. Begin opening mail and other documents. The previous contents of the recent contacts view should be cleared out and replaced by a new set, which is generated as the user continues to work with documents.


  • The reset of this view happens the next time the code associated with this feature runs, which occurs when a previously unread document is opened.
  • The previous contents of the Recent Contacts view may still display until a new message is sent, which populates an entry in the Recent Contacts view and causes the dipTable.ser file in the directory to be re-created.
  • If the „Do not automatically add names to the Recent Contacts view“ preference is enabledbefore the reset is triggered, the reset will not happen. If this preference is disabled, then opening a new unread document will cause the reset to happen.
  • In 8.0, if the „Do not automatically add names to the Recent Contacts view“ preference is modified the client needs to be restarted before the new setting is honored. This restart will no longer be required in versions 8.0.1 and later.

Note: Beginning in Notes 8.0.1, entries in the Recent Contacts may be deleted. A trash icon is available from the Recent contacts view; any Recent Contact that is deleted will no longer appear in the type-ahead drop down menu. Recent Contacts appearing in the trash may be restored, which will add the contact back to the Recent Contact list.

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