Notes modernisation with Vaadin :: A step-by-step tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you, how to modernise an existing Notes application like this:


With a quite modern and nice Vaadin browser interface like this:


This is only a quick example, which is not really nice and doesn’t use the full power of Vaadin, which can provide really nice interfaces like this!

I’ve divided the tutorial in 7 parts. You can download the Notes application and the Vaadin application from my public repository. You need at least the Notes application tasks.nsf from the repository to follow the tutorial.

Part 1 :: Start with a hello world application

Part 2 :: The data model

Part 3 :: Show and edit data in a popup window

Part 4 :: Create a REST api to read data from a Notes database

Part 5 :: Create a REST api to update and create documents

Part 6 :: Connecting the dots to finish the application

Part 7 :: Summary and next steps to think about

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