iNotes still shows old design after upgrading mailfiles with german mailtemplate to version 9.0

This bug is well known since the release of Domino 9 language packs, but I still can't find a new download with a fixed mailtemplate version... Currently many customers in Germany are upgrading to version 9 and may now getting into trouble because of this issue. So I post again this solution found in the IBM Forum, but... Weiterlesen →

IBM Notes Traveler includes new features and fixes

Notes Traveler is a feature release that includes new function and APAR fixes for the Notes Traveler server and Android client. More details... Attachment security settings New for, Attachment Security Settings can now be defined for Apple iOS devices and the IBM Notes Traveler client running on Android devices. Using the Approved Application interface,... Weiterlesen →

Interim Fix 3 for IBM Domino 9.0 available This Interim Fix addresses the following SPRs: SPR Description MKEN966HFR IHS sends back a 500 status code if mod_domino receives a 449 status code, causes Notes Traveler to fail. (Note: This is a Windows-specific SPR) DMEA96CMVX Web: Database with SSL redirect and missing WSIS header with connectors enabled results in looping JPAI93JKUR Full Text... Weiterlesen →

Creating a Notes 9 silent installation package including the new browser plug-in

The new browser plug-in is a great feature. You can choose to deploy only the browser plug-in or you can install it as an additional option with the standard client. For some users, the browser plug-in together with the awesome new iNotes may be a good option to a standard client deployment and they won't... Weiterlesen →

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