iNotes fix for the german mailtemplate (version 9.0)

The problem:
After upgrading a Domino server to version 9.0, your users might also want to use a german mailtemplate with version 9 features. That’s not a big deal, just put the german mailtemplate to your server and upgrade the maildatabase design. But this DOES NOT work for iNotes, users will still see the old version 8.5 iNotes!

The reason:
There is a hidden field in the database icon called „$FormsTemplateFile“, which provides the filename of the Forms.nsf to be used within iNotes. This Field should contain „iNotes/Forms9.nsf“ to use the new version of iNotes, but sadly it contains „iNotes/Forms85.nsf“.

The solution:
The fastes solution is to delete the Forms85.nsf from your server and immediatelly all  users will see the new and very nice iNotes.

But in many cases, you don’t want to upgrade the userinterface of iNotes for all users without providing them also the new client and new mailtemplate. That’s why you should fix the bug in the german mailtemplate. Then you can provide your users a broad upgrade of all userinterfaces in one step (Notes Client, Mailtemplate + iNotes).

1. Step: Download my tool and open it

2. Step: Open the tool, press the button and apply the fix to your template

3. Step: Put the template to your server (sign it if necessary)

4. Step: Test the new template and then use it during your upgrade

DISCLAIMER: Techniques and code provided here are not guaranteed or warranted in any way and are free for you to use at your own risk

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